Paris ISD trustees talk security; purchase locks for classrooms | News

Locks for every classroom door in the district, funds for a new livestock barn at the high school and new uniforms for the football team all were included in roughly $1 million in budget amendments the Paris ISD board of trustees approved earlier this week during a meeting that saw trustees spend time behind closed doors discussing security measures.

Roughly $425,000 of the money moved from fund balance into expenditure accounts is allocated for the agriculture barn, $163,000 for hotel-type locks for classroom doors, $46,000 for playground equipment, $33,000 for football uniforms, $32,000 for a paint job at A.M. Aikin Elementary and another $16,000 for Aikin sidewalk replacement, all expenditures approved by the board but not yet spent. Funds for various other miscellaneous projects and supplies make up the remainder of the transferred funds.

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